At an early age, David James was heavily influenced by the sounds of Rock Music. Bands like Rolling Stones, David Bowie, Tom Petty, The Beatles, and Black Sabbath, just to name a few, helped fuel the artist David is today. Music has always been a part of his home life and a part of his fondest childhood memories. Like staying up late to hear his parents play guitar and sing together, stealing his sister's CD's to share with friends, or just listening to records from his father's collection. Music is in his blood and music is his passion. 

His first professional recording experience was as a teen in the Los Angeles, Alternative Rock Band, Wooden Circus. They made one album for Mercury/Little Dog Records. Since then, David has decided to take on everything there is involving creating new music by himself… His own "situation" if you will. Playing all instruments, taking on songwriting, and all vocal duties. 

Currently David James is working on his solo project, David James Situation. Classic rock for today's listeners. Performing his original songs locally with his live band, or intimate solo acoustic shows, his unique sound is appreciated by all. You can also find David James Situation on all media platforms available to stream or download, including his third album, Aquarian Comedown. Check out the website for physical CD's and limited edition merchandise, and sign up for the email list to get updated info on shows, tours, and new music! 

"Haven't heard good ol' rock like this in a while!" 

"David has a cool indie rock sound with great guitar work."

"... David James Situation is slap bang in Classic Rock territory." 

"The thing that stands out is James' stunning guitar playing, whether that's acoustic, jangle, or full on rock, there's a real adept touch here."

Thanks for listening!